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Since 2007 AGX LIFT-SP Systems have been
installed in over 20 UK police forces :

LIFT-SP systems have been used all over the UK and Internationally. One of our original LIFT-SP users from Forensic Identifications Services Unit in Surrey and Sussex Joint Command has given his opinion on our product and how it helps improve their efficiency and workflow :

In the Surrey and Sussex Forensic Identification Services Unit (FISU) we have found the AGX LIFT-SP systems to be very reliable and produce 1:1 photographs of fingerprint lifts of a very high quality, quickly and easily. Having been incorporated into our working practices since 2007 it has proved to be a very cost-effective purchase.

The touch screen of the kiosk enables fingerprint officers to quickly and easily manage the scanning of lifts, to undertake the simple enhancement of different areas of ridge detail on the lifts and then print off the image on the borderless dye-sublimation printer. The overall time taken from scanning a lift to printing off a photographic copy is typically less than 40 seconds.

Our version of the LIFT-SP system, enabling regional remote transmissions, continues to perform to our expectations and we are actively looking to extend its potential. As the Manager of the FISU I have no hesitation in recommending the AGX LIFT-SP systems.

Manager, Forensic Identifications Services Unit, Surrey and Sussex Joint Command.