LIFT-SP Software Features:

  • Recorded audit trail of all operations
  • Works fast with large images
  • Interactive autoscale
  • Audit trail of mark-up process
  • Manages large collections of images efficiently
  • Fast zoom and rotation
  • Touch screen interface
  • Keyboard short cuts
  • No compression or any image manipulation
  • Supports tiff, wsq, jpeg, jpeg2000, png, etc.

Optional Hardware Features:

  • Large HD Touch screen controller.
  • Specially Adapted Forensic LED scanner.
  • Forensic 6x4 300 dpi printer.
  • Forensic 6x4 600 dpi printer.
  • Forensic 8x10 300 dpi printer.
  • Firmware set Read only card reader.
  • Full warranty cover and / or onsite support.