The LIFT-SP range is designed as a fast, simple to use system designed specifically for Fingerprint Experts.

The LIFT-SP3 system is a standalone unit enabling the production of high quality photographs from any fingerprint lift. Using an AGX modified scanner LIFT-SP3 optimises image quality for lifts. Touch screen technology lets Fingerprint Experts identify the areas of interest using visual zoom tools. Experts can then select a critical area and using two simple controls change the contrast to display maximum detail in the interested area. Integrated into the LIFT-SP3 system is a high quality Dye Sublimation printer that produces durable photo quality prints in seconds at 1:1 from the lift. Each print can be referenced with a unique number, date, bureau name and the metadata from the scan so making it possible to reproduce an identical print at a later date.

The FIBRE ( Forensic Identification Bureau Remote Evidence) system takes LIFT-SP to the Force or Region network level. The design of FIBRE, provides two simple components, the HUB (server), which sits at the centre of the system managing the data transfer from remote locations to the bureau and also input from experts, chemical treatment and other departments. The NODE is the access point software which allows the user to log in their specialisation and either load data or process for final identification.

LIFT-SP3 and FIBRE systems provide the tools to make more identifications faster and gives today’s fingerprint expert control over their own images.